Wondering: all these recent earthquakes…

I’m wondering whether us folks who live near the San Andreas fault line should be concerned about the recent spate of earthquakes: January 12, a 7.0 in Haiti;  February 27, a 7.0 in Japan, and an 8.8 in Chile (which triggered a tsunami warning across the Pacific Ocean); last week, a 6.4 in Taiwan, and a 6.5 in Sumatra; and today a 6.0 in Turkey. 

According to Dr. Kurt Frankel of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who specializes in active tectonics: “Earthquakes are sporadic and unpredictable in nature, and it’s coincidental that so many strong quakes have struck around the same time.” 

Mathew Bettenhausen of the California Emergency Management Agency said a recent survey found: 

— Fewer than 20 percent of households have structurally reinforced their homes or had their homes inspected for earthquake resistance.

— 40 percent keep the recommended minimum of three gallons of water stored per person.

— Fewer than 20 percent of California households have purchased earthquake insurance.

— More than 80 percent of households have first aid kits, flashlights and batteries in their house.

— 40 percent of Californians have made family disaster plans.

— Fewer than 50 percent have dust masks, tools to rescue trapped people, or an extra set of emergency supplies in the car.


Disaster preparedness resources are at CaliforniaVolunteers.org.






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