Museum musing: “mark books”

Yesterday a beautifully dressed Italian woman, who spoke almost no English, asked for something she called “Mark Books”. I didn’t understand her, and asked a co-worker for help, but he just shrugged and walked away.  She took her pen and put it down on the page and closed the book. Perhaps she wanted to write? I showed her a journal. 

“No! No!” she said. That I understood.  

I know how frustrating it is to be a tourist unable to speak the language, so I closed my eyes and listened to the word in my head… Did she mean “Book Mark“?   Voila!  

After I showed her where to find the book marks, she asked what the correct word was, but couldn’t understand me or my accent. I had to write it out for her. She walked around the store holding the piece of paper, muttering “Booke marke” in her lilting Italian accent.

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